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A feature length documentary on the legend that was Screaming Lord Sutch

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The Screaming Lord Sutch Story

Now in post-production, a new feature-length documentary on the life and times of the man known as Screaming Lord Sutch.

A British musical pioneer of the 1960s and 70s, Sutch became better known later on, as the figurehead and leader of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, a party established to satire British politics.

“He was the Monster Raving Loony who brightened British by-elections for three decades. But Screaming Lord Sutch was also a shock rock star who frightened the life out of his audiences – and, finally, himself.”
Tony Barrell, Sunday Times Magazine

The ‘original’ rock n’ horror singer and performer, with a unique and outrageous stage act, Screaming Lord Sutch skilfully blended theatrical stage horror, with rock & roll music.

Born in November 1940 at the New End Hospital, formerly the infirmary for the Hampstead Union workhouse, the air raid sirens of the London blitz of WW2, as well as warning of German bombers, also announced the arrival of one David Edward Sutch into the world.

In the late fifties, an altogether different sound, that of American music legend, Bill Haley and his famous song Rock Around the Clock, captivated Sutch and other likeminded British teenagers.

Free, unlike his predecessors of his age, of having to do National Service – compulsory conscription in the armed forces – was there now an opportunity for a bright working class lad such as him in the emerging music business?

Told by his fellow bikers and rockers at the world famous Ace Cafe in Northwest London, that a number of new artists were emerging from a coffee bar in London’s Soho, the 2 ‘i’s, Sutch, by this time with long shoulder length hair, goes to audition.

Rejected as being an Elvis look-a-like, Sutch returns to the 2 ‘i’s in a far different guise, in his aunt’s sheepskin coat turned inside out, his motorcycle helmet fitted with horns and an axe!

With his long hair and his outrageous act – a fusion of the Wild Man of Borneo with rock & roll – Screaming Lord Sutch was a hit!

Sutch cartoonBill HaleyScreaming Lord Sutch in dressing room

“It was all an act... his whole life was an act”